At Juyoung, our vision is to be the best company in the world and to do so we must continually improve the technology for a better lifestyle in our community by reaching for a higher achievement. In order to accomplish these tasks, creative engineering is the key focus point, so we can offer the best quality and cost to our customers. Currently, we offer metal stamping, metal fabrication, and plastic injection products. We make this possible by having a strong sustainable development to deliver the world’s most innovative, eco- friendly products. We have and always will be dedicated to our customers because after all it will also provide every individual an abundant lifestyle.


Our team members strive to exceed and meet the qualifications to satisfy our customers through competitive pricing with timely delivery.

We have committed to build our business by understanding among our customers, share holders, employees, and partners for a long-lasting structured relationship.

We aim high to be more productive by motivating employees’ knowledge, experience, technology, and operational management abilities for the future sustainable growth of our company.

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